Staying in a happy married relationship is not that easy in current scenario where we all are flying with the wings of arrogance. People are having complaints like why does my wife yell at me and vice-versa. So if you are also encountering the same problem in your relationship here are few tips that can save you. Just go through and follow these points to build a beautiful and great relationship with your wife. It is very important to live happily in a married life to avail mental peace.

Why people often fail to form a beautiful relationship with wife?

One of the biggest reason why people are failing to form a good relationship with wife is their wrath and arrogance. Disrespect and lack of understanding is relationship also leads to upheavals in life. Sometimes financial instability is the cause behind poor relationships.

Tips to create a good relationship with wife

  • Carry the burden of marriage equally

The primary thing that you need to understand while marrying to a women that she is not supposed to hold entire burden of marriage. Your job do not ends at office only. Make sure to contribute your role at home chores too. It is the duty of both the partners to carry the burden of marriage life equally and not pushing it towards the husband or wife only. This is the first step that you need to ensure for living a beautiful relationship with wife.

  • Build a relationship based on foundation of respect

Respect serves a great role in any marriage and so is the case with your wife. Make sure that you are not becoming a miser when it comes to serve respect to your better half. She is handling the entire home and that is why it is her right to deserve respect in all forms. Do not be hegemonic on her for minor mistakes committed by her.

  • Do not shout on mistakes

The next thing that you need to take into consideration is that not shouting on your wife at all. We all have different perspective for things and shouting is not an option at all. If you get offended on any of her deeds then it is the best way to talk to her on that matter politely without getting offended.

  • Let her explain her point of view

It is very important that you give full freedom of expression to your wife. There are people who do not support the freedom of expression for women as thus you will realize your relation is crumbling because of it. Your ideologies and mentality should not be grounded on misogynist approach. That is how you can head towards a beautiful married life with your wife. Suppressing someone’s freedom can never get you closer to that person in any scenario.

  • Do not be judgmental

It is very important that you are not judgmental in a relationship. Every person is having his own instincts, personality, beliefs and ideologies and you cannot be judgmental for them. It is very crucial that you allow full freedom to your wife and do not take control on her because of your patriarchal mindset. That is how you can see a big change in your relationship. Women are not very fond of people who are showing judgmental behavior towards them. So make sure to stay away from this type of approach in your life towards your better half.

  • Trust is necessary

The last important thing in a relationship is trust which is very crucial in a married life to move its chariot smoothly. You need to trust on your wife blindly so that she can find you a gentleman. Many wives leave their husbands and yell at them because of the excessive suspicion caused by them. Men keep on spying women and have no trust and faith on their wives have to see a dead end of their married life. So if you do not want such kind of results in your marriage then make sure that you are having complete trust on your wife.


So this is how you can build a great relationship with your wife by adopting the above golden rules of a happy married life. Most of the time we do not realize the outcomes of our actions in a relation until it reaches at very complicated stage. So if you do not want such consequences to happen with you make sure to take the burden of marriage life equally. Do not control the life of your wife and be supportive in her decision. This is the best way you can bring your relationship from dead end to back to track. Be supportive, trust her and share a respectful relationship with her to live happy married life.